A wonderful pre-school in Horsham

A place to grow

How your child will learn at New View Nursery

Learning should be fun! Here at New View Nursery we believe in learning through play, stories, planned activities and daily routine, and all we do is based on the Early Learning Goals.

During their day, your child will enjoy a range of structured activities as well as more self-directed play, which includes access to our secure garden area. Outside, there are areas that offer your child more privacy, where they can be heard and monitored at all times but not seen. This approach gives your child freedom and demonstrates trust, enabling them to develop their own relationships and skills, while respecting their right to privacy.

Pre-school in Horsham
Pre-school in Horsham

Learning through play

Helping your child to develop and thrive

The Early Years Foundation Stage "Development Matters" guidance is key to our curriculum, and we use it to plan a range of activities. Every activity will be fun and engaging for your child, while also teaching them and helping them to develop useful skills. Our setting offers free play, adult directed play and inside/outside free flow play. There are many ways children learn, and we aim to discover how your child learns:

  • Curiosity – Open ended, flexible changeable
  • Enthusiasm – through discovery and the opportunity to pursue own interests
  • Co-operation – playing together, listening, sharing, taking turns, managing a changing space
  • Confidence – Opportunity to make own decisions, increases confidence
  • Commitment – Children show a great level of commitment to things that interest them.
  • Persistence – Being committed will drive children to complete their self-chosen task.
  • Imagination – Open ended natural materials will stimulate children's imagination.
  • Reflectivity – Thinking about and sharing their experiences enable children to reflect on their own learning.


Join our waiting list

We're proud of our nursery, and we think it's a testament to our success that we've been oversubscribed for many years. However, this does mean that we have long waiting lists, so getting your child's name down early is important. We can take a maximum of 22 children in any single session, and we accept children from 30 months of age (2 1/2 years).

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Pre-school in Horsham

Our Pricing

Please find below the revised fee structure which takes effect from 1st. April 2024

Morning Session - 9:00 to 12:45 £8.40/hour x 3hours 45 minutes £31.50
Afternoon Session - 13:30 to 16:00 £8.40/hour x 2hours 30 minutes £21.00
Lunch club - 12:45 to 13:30 45 minutes £6.30
Additional Services fee Consumables £7.50 per week
Early Years Funded hours.
Morning: 9:15 to 12:45
Afternoon: 13:30 to 16:00
Up to 3.5 hours funding
2.5 hours funding
Up to 15 hours Government funding for children the term after their 3rd birthday.

Early Years Funded Entitlement (EYFE)*

We work with West Sussex County Council and claim for EYFE on your behalf.