"Our little girl adores the New View!"

Our little girl adores the New View! When she had a little wobble and found settling into a setting away from mummy a challenge, the staff were kind, supportive and patient. Every day she goes in with a huge smile on her face and is delighted to share her adventures at nursery with us when she comes home. A really happy place, with knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Nursery school in Horsham
Jo C

"Well, what can I say about New View. Amazing!"

I sent my first daughter here about 8 years ago, and now I'm back again with my second daughter. This time round, I have been a parent for over a year. I can say hand on heart, there is consistency in this setting.

All the staff are absolutely wonderful, and you can tell their priority is the kids and making them feel safe and happy.

The staff, here, get enjoyment from the funny things that our children do in the day. You can see the staff in this setting work as a team, and it does have a family feel to it.

Sharon, the manager, is fantastic with the administration side (as well as the children) and very quick to respond to you with any queries.

Milly is my daughter’s key worker, and she doesn't know how fantastic she is.

The staff very regularly add pictures and information as to what children have done in the day on their secure app 'Famly' so you always know what they have been up to.

The indoor setting is small compared to the massive outdoor area, however I personally think this is fine and seems to work well.

Honestly, I cannot recommend it enough 👌

Nursery school in Horsham
Kim L

"Our little girl is always super excited to go to nursery"

Our little girl is always super excited to go to nursery. The staff are so kind and friendly and care for her so well. When I drop her off she runs in happy, and I leave her in the hands of what feels like family, You are all fab!

Nursery school in Horsham
Kathy O

"New View is an amazing nursery"

New View is an amazing nursery. Sharon and her team do such a brilliant job and my children have absolutely thrived under their care. The staff really go above and beyond to support children's learning and development with a variety of activities both indoors and outside in the fabulous garden, and we parents are included in all of this through regular updates and photos on the app and in person meetings with key workers. I'm so sad that our family's time here is coming to an end. Get your name down early, as the waiting lists are long for a good reason!

Nursery school in Horsham

"Superb setting with a fantastic outdoor space"

Superb setting with a fantastic outdoor space, and wonderful staff with a high staff to child ratio. Both my children have been really happy with their time here, and from a parent's perspective we get dozens of photos and updates on the day's activities, so really feel involved in their nursery experience. 100% recommend to any parent in the area.

Nursery school in Horsham
Melissa Blakeley