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COVID-19 NOTICE: In my twelve years as owner of New View Nursery I never thought we would be faced with the times we are having, New View Nursery is closed until further notice. All enquiries should be sent via email to: newviewnursery@aol.com.  Thank you.

New View Nursery was first established in September 1993.  We are open during term time, we follow the term dates set by West Sussex County Council, we are closed for school holidays, half terms and five inset days per academic year. 

Children may join New View Nursery from aged 30 months to 4 years+, there are a maximum of 22 places each session.  Every three and four year old is entitled to fifteen hours of nursery education per week, we offer fifteen hours in either a morning or afternoon session. Each session has a high adult/child ratio and is run by a qualified team of five or six Early Years professional practitioners. 

New View Nursery offers a full range of learning and development opportunities that meet the needs of children and their families.  We believe that outdoor play supports all areas of learning and is an integral part of children’s development, children have access to the outdoors all year round, no matter what the weather!  We understand that children learn everywhere; we support each child to become lifelong independent learners through play that is free flow, allows risk taking, experimentation, awe and wonder in a fun, colourful and creative environment.

We welcome all parents/carers who wish to look around with a view to their child joining us in the future.  Please telephone to book a viewing appointment. 

Hat-trick - 3 successive Ofsted Outstanding ratings
Outstanding 2019

Ofsted report 15th November 2019...

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

The provision is outstanding

Children thrive in the warm, welcoming and inclusive setting. Relationships between children and staff are exceptionally secure. Staff know each child's individual needs and interests and accommodate these at all times. Children explore freely indoors and outdoors and are encouraged to make independent choices about where their learning takes place. They benefit from a wide range of interesting and highly engaging activities and resources, which helps ensure that they are fully engaged and motivated to learn. Plans for children's ongoing learning are extremely focused and planned meticulously through targeted observations. Staff have exceptionally high expectations of all children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). All children are making excellent progress across all areas of learning.

Children thoroughly enjoy learning and being challenged to complete tasks or take part in activities. Every child is constantly engrossed in an activity which is expertly supported by one of the many experienced members of staff. Children's behaviour is impeccable. The kindness and consideration they show towards each other is incredibly warming and genuine. Children have extremely secure friendships with each other and close attachments with all staff. Children are exceptionally happy and have an excellent understanding of the rules and boundaries that staff set.

What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

  • Staff are excellent facilitators. They know exactly when to stand back and observe and when to add extension and challenge. For example, children enjoyed playing with pirates and used their impressive imaginations to describe where the pirates were going. Staff quickly realised how interested children were in the pirates and so showed them a story book about pirates hunting for treasure. Children listened intently as staff read enthusiastically. Children followed the story, demonstrating an extremely secure understanding of how a story is formed. For example, they talked about the pictures and suggested what could happen next. n Children are active learners who are extremely confident and eager to build on the knowledge that they already have. For example, children spent long periods of time filling containers and pouring water down tubes. Staff used language such as 'half', 'empty', 'fast', and 'slow' which children then repeated to help describe their actions. Staff skilfully extended the activity by asking children if they thought the ducks would float or sink. Children worked together and realised that they needed bigger amounts of water to push the ducks down the tubes to the 'pond'. n The managers and staff's attitude towards self-evaluation and continuous development is excellent. Precise monitoring of the environment enables them to see what is working effectively and what needs improving. For example, staff regularly review the resources in the book corner to see how children respond to them and how engaging they are. Staff carry out a headcount every hour to see exactly what areas and resources children are using. These evaluations then enable them to further develop the environment.  n Children have excellent opportunities to access the outdoor environment. The vast amount of open space enables them to run freely and develop their large physical skills. Children thoroughly enjoy racing their ride-on cars while others play in the sand kitchen and use their imaginations to cook up some snacks. All children have access to a small woodland area where they take part in den building and climb trees. This helps develop children's sense of responsibility and learn how to manage their own safety. 
  • Managers and staff have an extremely secure understanding of the importance of working in partnership with others. They constantly share information with other settings that children attend and welcome any information to help provide a consistent approach to their ongoing development. For children who receive specialist support, key persons incorporate all of the experts ideas and suggestions to ensure that children are being given the best possible learning opportunities.


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Settling in at New View Nursery

Starting nursery is a big step for children. It is also a big step for parents too! Leaving your child with someone that you do not know well is hard and so it is normal to feel anxious. Our aim is to work with you to make the settling in process as smooth as possible. The aim of our policy is therefore to settle your child in without any tears.  

Once you have been offered a nursery place we invite you to come along and get to know us and what we do. Join us from 1:30 to 2:30 to stay and play with your child.  We invite you to come along and get to know the team and the nursery environment.  

In order for your child to settle into nursery, we need to work together.  Settling-in is a process. Your child has to build a relationship with us and feel comfortable before they will be ready to leave you.  Children need to feel that their parents are happy and relaxed about them playing and being at nursery.  Try our “Taster Session” from 2:30 to 3:30, leave your child to play for one hour.

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